Existing Industry

We are proud of our vibrant and diverse industrial community in Haywood County. Haywood County Industrial Park located off U.S. Highway 70 East is completely full, but we have plenty of availability in our I40 Advantage Park situated on CSX Railroad and 1 mile from Interstate 40.

Team Haywood County

With the announcement of Blue Oval City, BHCC recognizes the need to work very closely with existing industry to show that the community still very much values them and sees their success as vital and important to the community. Local companies know the support they received during the recruitment process. BHCC, therefore, has created TEAM Haywood County to work with, and within, the communities existing industries to help bring the same attention to their needs and concerns now as was done prior their arrival. TEAM Haywood County will also work to help find ways to address these concerns and needs.

How will TEAM Haywood County do this? The TEAM will stay in regular contact with area industrial leaders in a variety of ways including personal visits and email, bi-monthly plant roundtables, bi-monthly industrial human resources meetings, bi- monthly safety managers meetings and will assist in energy efficient audits and more. Additionally, TEAM Haywood County will make corporate office visits throughout the year as seen needed to foster relationships with existing companies. Training will be offered to industrial leaders on topics such as: Supervisor Training, Healthcare Reform Updates and other topics as requested by local companies.

Our existing industry base will continue to thrive here as a result of the business environment that has been afforded them. TEAM Haywood County will work to make sure their concerns and needs are addressed.

Cascades/IFC Disposable

250 Keeler-Vu Dr, PO Box 469, Brownsville, TN 38012
Tel: 731-779-0959
Fax: 731-772-2282
[email protected]
Disposable wipes & tissue products: 2676
Year Established: 1997 – Employees: 60

Dynametal Technologies

400 N. Dupree Avenue Brownsville, TN. 38012
Phone: 731-772-3780
Fax: 731-772-3784
[email protected]
Powdered metal components: 3449 Carbon & graphite products: 3624
Year Established: 1973 – Employees: 120

CKS Packaging, Inc.

540 Lasco Street, Brownsville, TN 38012
Phone: 731-772-6014
Fax: 731-779-9248
[email protected]
Plant Manager: Shawn Erway Packaging
Year Established: 2020 – Employees 100

Haywood Company/Teknor Apex

751 N. Dupree Ave. Brownsville, TN. 38012
Phone: 731-772-3690
Fax: 731-772-4832
[email protected]
Garden Hose: 3053
Plasticizer: 2869
Compounding Rubber: 3011
Custom PVC Mixing: 2821
Year Established: 1972 – Employees: 610

Domtar Paper Company

1621 Welch Street Brownsville, TN. 38012
Phone: 731-779-0200
Fax: 731-779-0230
[email protected]
Cut Sheet Paper: 2621
Year Established: 1997 – Employees: 38

Westlake Pipe & Fittings Corporation

P.O. Box 116, 414 Morgan Street, Brownsville, TN. 38012
Phone: 731-772-3180
Fax: 731-772-0835
[email protected]
Plastic pipe fittings: 3089
Year Established: 1975 – Employees: 500

Precision Coils

200 Morgan St. Brownsville, TN 38012
Phone: 901-466-7312
[email protected]
Year Established: 2012 – Employees: 100

Lowe’s Home Improvement

550 Lowe’s Boulevard Brownsville, TN. 38012
Phone: 731-779-3515
Fax: 731-779-3516
[email protected] 
Distribution Center for Lumber & Other Materials Year Established: 2003 – Employees 50

Ross Manufacturing Co.

9415 Highway 54 West Brownsville, TN 38012
Phone: 731-772-0567
Fax: 731-772-0946
[email protected]
Grain Handling Equipment: 3523
Year Established: 1956 – Employees: 25


2170 Anderson Avenue, Brownsville, TN. 38012
Phone: 731-772-2556
Fax: 731-772-7147
[email protected]
Frozen food distribution: 5142
Year Established: 2003 – Employees: 100

Sellari Natural Wax Co.

2758 Highway 70 West, Brownsville, TN 38012, USA
Phone: 731-772-1338
[email protected]
Sellari Year Established: 1921

TVA Power Lagoon Creek Site

615 Elm Tree Road Brownsville, TN 38012
Phone: 731-772-7520
Fax: 731-772-7575
Year Established: 2001 – Employees: 20